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10 Essentials to Pack in Your Hospital Bag for Baby Delivery

Updated: Apr 12

A person is seated on a wooden floor, writing in a notebook beside an open suitcase filled with neatly folded baby clothes and toys, including a plush teddy bear.

Yay!!! It’s time to meet your prince or princess.

But wait, have you packed your hospital bag?

The most important step to enjoy your delivery hassle free is to have the right things packed in your delivery bag well in advance. Each and every moment of labor and delivery should be cherished, but imagine having things missing in your bag during labor, it’s going to make the birthing process hard.

So here is a hospital bag checklist that can help all expecting parents to pack their bags. Remember to pack your delivery bag by 8th  month of your pregnancy so that you will be ready anytime to welcome your little angel.

1. Medical Records

The most important document that must be in your bag is your hospital reports. Handy medical reports ease the work of the medical professionals during the labor. Most hospitals do make a note of your prior medical conditions and allergies, yet it’s safer to recheck and put them on the records after discussing with your attending physician.

During labor, if the medical staff needs information about your medical history, you can readily hand over the reports to them.

A detailed medical record form with fields for name and date of birth, focused on the foreground against a blurred backdrop of similar documents.

Tip: Mention your name, blood group, emergency contact person’s name, and contact numbers on the report cover for easy access.

2. Electric Kettle for Hot Water

Labor and childbirth are exhausting physically and mentally. You are likely to get dehydrated easily. You may need warm water often during labor and post-delivery.

Carrying an electric kettle with you especially during these pandemic times makes it convenient for you to have hot water whenever you need it. You can just find an electrical socket and use your electric kettle.

3. Hot Water Bag

During active labor when your cramps get closer a hot water bag can give you some relief. You can ask your partner or the nurse to give you some hot water massage. Also post-delivery, while starting to nurse your baby, it will come near at hand for hot pressing.

4. Nursing Bra and Maternity Gown

This is another must to carry essential that should be in your hospital bag. Get good nursing bras and maternity gowns which would make your life easier after delivery.

Pack a minimum of 3 or 4 sets of nursing bra and maternity gown, as you will never know how long your stay in the hospital will be.

Tip: Keep a set of bra, underwear, and gown rolled-up on top of your hospital bag so that once you deliver your attendee can easily find them and help you with it.

5. Maternity Sanitary Napkins and Underwear

It’s normal for new moms to have heavy bleeding for a few days. It’s always better to carry the maternity napkins you are comfortable with and invest in some sanitary underwear.

A neatly stacked assortment of green and peach feminine sanitary napkins, accompanied by a single rose, symbolizing cleanliness and self-care on a pristine white background

In case you have a c section or episiotomy you may not be able to use your underwear for a few days and you will need the wrap around maternity napkins which will be available in all medical shops. Find and invest in one of your comforts.

6. Baby Clothes and Camera

When your bundle of joy arrives, you get to cherish your most awaited moment of touching and feeling your baby. It would be a magical moment that words could never explain. Don’t forget to freeze the moment in your camera.

Remember, for you to enjoy the moment, your baby must feel comfortable as well. Soft, cozy, and climate conscious baby clothing makes baby feel comfortable. Pick your baby clothes with attention, pack them in your bag, and keep them ready.

Tip: It’s always best to wash the baby clothes at least twice in warm water and let them sun dry before you pack them.

A newborn wrapped in a dinosaur-print blanket, with a clock, birth details card, and colorful toys on a dark background, symbolizing the start of a new life journey

Hey, don’t forget the swaddle towel for the baby.

Your baby was in the comfort of your womb for 9 months. It will take time for him/her to adjust to the new environment. Roll your baby in a swaddle towel keeping his/her hands inside the towel so that it’s nice and cozy. This will help them feel secure and sleep better.

7. Nipple Shield and Nip Care Cream

The first few days of breastfeeding will be tough for both mother and the baby. The baby might not know how to latch which might give you cracked and sore nipples. It’s advisable to carry a nipple shield and Nipcare cream that can reduce the pain.

8. Personal Hygiene Kit

Personal hygiene is a must especially now. Your exhausted body might want to freshen up. It’s best if you carry your toothpaste, brush, soap, sanitizer, massage oil, comb, moisturizer, and razor along with your other necessary toiletry.

An array of skincare essentials on a wooden surface, featuring a soap bar, cream tube, and branded packet, complemented by a white towel and decorative green foliage

Tip: Carry them in a separate transparent pouch so you can find them easily Though you might not need it sooner, it is still better to carry baby care essentials like soap and shampoo. It’s also good to carry a few disposable clothes just in case if you need it.

9. Nursing Pads

Trust me your delivery bag list will not be complete without them. Yes, your body is going to produce a lot of milk for the baby and there will be leakage. Nursing pads and nursing bras can help with controlling the leakage and make you feel comfortable.

10. Baby Diaper and Wet Tissues

Baby poo count is very high in the initial months. Very few brands provide diapers suitable for newborn size. Research according to your location and select a child-friendly comfortable diaper and good quality wet tissues pack.

These can help you until you recover after which you can go back to our old traditional ways. With these, the hospital delivery bag with the most important essentials for childbirth is ready. I have created this list with my personal experience; you can always customize them according to your needs.

Wishing all the expecting parents a happy and safe delivery.

A black and white photograph capturing a newborn baby in peaceful slumber, curled up on a soft white backdrop, embodying innocence and tranquility

It’s not going to be a cake walk but it sure will be the most cherishable moment of your life.

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