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10 Tips for Sensitive Skin in Kids

Updated: Apr 12

Skin is a major part of the body. It protects us from germs and regulates body temperature and sensation. The skin of kids is soft and fragile and is more open to infection than adult skin because of the developing immune system.

For some kids, the skin may be sensitive due to harsh chemicals, climate change, etc that may be prone to infections. So precautionary measures have to be taken to prevent them from seeing in pain.

Causes of Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin can be developed from birth or it can also appear suddenly but in most cases, it is because of heredity. The skin may become sensitive due to

  • Climatic Change

  • Chemicals in soap or detergents

  • Fabric dyes

  • New food

  • Diaper rash

A kid may develop itchiness, dry patch, and redness in a particular part of the body or it may develop all over the body. Certain rashes are normal like rashes due to heat and acne.

Tips for Sensitive Skin

Image is showing cracked skin of baby feet

Avoid Kissing Kids

To show our affection to kids or babies, we shower them with kisses. In the case of Kids with sensitive skin, it may lead to rashes or sores. Parents should take care that 

  1. visitors with any contagious disease or cold sores should be distant. Initially, kids may be sore near the mouth and later develop into Hand, Mouth, and Foot infections.

  2. Adults may use a lot of skincare products and lipsticks, the chemicals contain a lot of toxins which may also develop rashes or infections.

Avoid Baby Wipes

We use baby wipes for kids to wipe their faces or nose. Certain water-based wipes use soap and perfume and when used frequently the upper layer of skin which is made up of fat will be wiped away and all lead to certain allergens or rashes. Instead for kids with sensitive skin, cloth wipes can be preferred which are reusable.

Introduction of New Food

Certain kids may develop allergies to a particular kind of food. For example, some kids may develop hives(a type of rashes particular part of the body)or itchy, watery, or swollen eyes. The most common allergens are

  1. Milk

  2. Eggs

  3. Shellfish and fish

  4. Soy

  5. Nuts (Peanuts and Cashews)

Allergic reactions to milk or eggs may outgrow when the kid turns 5 years old. Other allergies are harder to outgrow. Parents should be careful by avoiding all food containing the allergen by reading the food label.

Fragrance Products

Soaps, shampoos, and lotions are a mix of a lot of chemicals for fragrance. They may contain toxins that cause allergies and skin irritation. Parents can check for ‘Hypoallergenic’ or ‘Fragrance-free’ in the label or use customized handmade soaps by mompreneurs available in the market.

Parents can also make homemade bath powder with neem leaves, green gram, their poo, and orange peels which makes the skin supple and soft and they are chemical-free too.

Climatic Change

A stark landscape contrast: one side lush with a clear lake and greenery under a cloudy sky, the other barren with cracked earth and a stormy sky.

Skin is the most exposed part of the environment. Climate change has a great impact on the skin.

  1. SUMMER –Due to increased temperature, kids may experience boils or itchy skin. Apply lotion prescribed by a doctor. The lotion can be refrigerated and applied so that it’ll be soothing for the kid.

  2. WINTER-During Winter, temperature decreases, and humidity changes sensitive skin dries up and becomes itchy at times skin may turn scaly too. Good moisturizer lotion or coconut oil has to be applied after a bath and taking a bath in hot water for a long time has to be avoided.

Laundry Detergent and Fabric Softner

Detergents and softeners contain harsh chemicals and toxins. These additives when in contact with the skin may turn itchy and dry. Natural products can be used as an alternative to detergents.

  1. Soap Nuts

  2. Vinegar(good fabric softener)

  3. Lemon Juice (remove stain spotless)

Diaper Rash

Diaper rash is caused due to infrequent diaper changes, and tight diapers. More frequent changes in diapers and ointments are the best treatment. For sensitive skin, Cloth reusable diapers are best with a well-recommended laundry wash.


Certain Medicine may cause itchiness and irritation in the skin. It must be due to the composition of chemicals present in the medicine. If so, the kid must be rushed to the doctor immediately because an allergic reaction can be serious or even fatal. Common medicines that cause rashes are vaccines and certain antibiotics.

Pet Friends

At times, Skin irritation or allergies can also be due to the fur, urine, or skin of their pet. The best way is to limit the time spent with the pet or the pet should be outside.


Lotions cannot be fragrance and chemical-free. Instead of chemical-based moisturizers, coconut oil, and almond oil act as a good moisturizer. Oil can be applied after the bath or an hour before the bath. Oil retains the moisturizer in the skin.

If the kid has developed dry skin or rashes, the parent must become a spy and find out ‘where the kid was exposed to and what type of food the kid had. etc, if the allergen-causing substance is found treatment could be easier.

The doctor’s help would be needed if any of the home remedies did not work or the allergy or rashes proliferates.

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