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5 Creative Halloween Ideas For Kids

Updated: Apr 12

The spookiest occasion of the year is just around the corner and it’s time for some fun and family time together!!! From spooky movies, music, and games to costumes, arts, and crafts- October offers a month loaded with family pleasures. 

Halloween is one of the favorite celebrations in the family as it involves so much fun together with friends, kids, and family. Earlier widely celebrated in the United States and Canada, now has made its foray into Indian celebrations too.

Typical festive Halloween activities include trick-or-treating, attending costume parties, carving pumpkins into lanterns, lighting bonfires, playing pranks, telling scary stories, and watching horror films. 

So how can we make this celebration a fun-filled and memorable one with respect to kids Halloween costumes?

Let your creativity unleash and it’s time to engage in some DIY Halloween costumes. There's something so charming about DIY costumes for kids due to the simple fact that it’s a chance to personalize your young one's look based on their personality or interests.

There are various easy kid's costume ideas on this list that any parent can create in an instant and end up looking absolutely spectacular.

We are here to give you some ideas on a few creative DIY Halloween costumes so that our kids can stand out in the crowd.


Any kid dressed up in a colorful mythical creature is a fantasy that becomes reality. Unicorns are all the craze right now and making an on-trend costume is really easy! All you have to do is add a horn, ears, and mane to a white hoodie and leggings.

Put your little one in a solid white or pastel outfit, make a rainbow-colored tail with different colors of yarn, and then make a horn using Styrofoam and glitter.

Camp Fire

Every get-together is incomplete without a campfire. So, let that essential event be a part of your kid's costumes too. Let the golden glow of fire spread all around.

Make some felt logs using fabric glue or roll-up tubes of brown paper for the same effect, add a little felt fire, and put a marshmallow on the end of a stick. That gives you the perfect costume for your budding outdoorsman or woman!


A kid in a blue polka dot outfit and witch’s hat holds a smiling pumpkin container in front of their face, amidst festive Halloween decorations

Scarecrows are meant to scare away the crows in the field but this scarecrow is sure to win your heart. There's nothing scary about this scarecrow. The best part about this DIY is that you can most likely find pieces of the costume already at home so you don’t need to break the bank. All you need is a pair of overalls and a plaid shirt.

Other accessories to add are a straw-colored hat, Burlap fabric (canvas made from jute or hemp) and ribbons, yellow colored nylon rope. Start cutting a few squared patches of burlap fabric and fasten it to your overalls using safety pins.

To make straw cuffs that add more detailing to the costume, arrange a few cut pieces of yellow nylon rope and attach it to the cuff sleeves using Velcro.


How about adding some pink color to the party?

Those flapping pink wings can grab many admirers too.  With minimal requirements like a pink dress/ onesie, pink tights, pink ribbon, and pink feather scarf you can turn your kid into a fabulous flamingo.

Glue the feathered scarf to the bottom portion of the onesie. Add a matching pink cap on top with a black felt beak. Pair with pink leggings and black shoes! The flamingos are ready to fly now.


One of the adorable sea creatures is the octopus so why not add that admiration to our kid's costume too? This octopus costume only takes about an hour to put together, a major plus for anyone short on time.

Plus, you can repurpose the tights and clothes for a regular school outfit. The supplies required are 4 pairs of tights in your kids’ size, a matching long-sleeve shirt, a matching hat and belt, White and black felt, and Cotton to fill inside. Start with stuffing the cotton inside the tights just above the crotch area to give a fuller look. Then lay the tights on the belt and secure it with pins. 

Wrap the belt with filled tights onto the hip and secure it. Cut oval shapes from the felt sheets to make eyes and stick them on the hat. Put on the hat to complete the look. This super easy costume is going to be the center of attraction.

It’s time to just get creative with clothes you already have in your closet. A few basic craft supplies and some extra effort can create some adorable costumes for your kids for this season without much expense.

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