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5 Incredible Ways to Engage Kids Indoors

Updated: Apr 12

A child intently colors a book amidst colorful crayons, in a toy-filled room, evoking a sense of creativity and playfulness in a patterned environment

Playtime with your kids can be a blast, especially if they are outdoors and you don’t have to “try” to keep them entertained.

But, as we all know, playing outside isn’t ALWAYS an option, so having some fun indoor activities for kids is a must.

Here are few activities to keep the kids all motivated, excited, and finally exhausted by play by staying indoors.

A girl displays colorful painted hands against a bright outdoor backdrop, wearing a paint-stained shirt, under a clear sky

Nothing sparks fun like a painting. One can use coloring pages, books or walls, furniture to even used coconut shells and cardboard boxes. Everything looks better with a bit of magic from coloring using your own skills and imagination.

Especially when it is done as a family routine, It nurtures the bond and stays a memory of the team that created the art and speaks a hundred words about the home. Switchboard Art, name board art, kitchen art and the list runs all around the house!

So, quick! Aprons up! Brushes out!!

Read Books

I would even put reading books in every section of this list. I wholeheartedly believe that reading as a young person is THE BEST habit we could build in our kids. I started reading to my kids long before they even knew what a book was.

Why? Early learning is one of the greatest ways to help your child to build their vocabulary.

Start out with picture books and just talk about the pictures and the colors. There are sound books, touch and feel books which will interest them as babies. My daughter would love it every time when I open the flap of the peekaboo book when it makes an elephant sound.

If there are toys or activity sets that make sounds, like animals, or machines, start teaching your kids those sounds as well. Move on to the busy books when they become a toddler.

Two children sit on a white rug, reading books, with a red bookshelf full of colorful books and a pink princess curtain in a peaceful setting

Set up a nice reading corner with a cozy set up to have comfortable reading time. You can spice up the idea by decorating the corner with the kids favorite cushions, string lights, and a little tent set up.

Those Dance Parties

Have you ever been sitting around with your kids, bored out of your mind, yet not feeling up to “creating” something to entertain your kids?

Me too!

My favorite thing to do is turn on the radio, find some awesome music, and dance it out! My kids LOVE to dance. It is great exercise and it is something that allows me to give my complete, undivided attention to my kids, which as a parent with numerous distractions, is an amazing thing to give my children.

Children with raised hands in a colorful indoor play area featuring toys and a large yellow inflatable slide, wearing casual clothes

This is one of my favorite fun indoor activities for infants. Even babies love to wiggle around! Dance and dance and let out all the pressure.

It will drain out energy and pump up happiness. Laugh out loud, roll on the floor, shout and sing…make the moves!

It’s a gummy bear to …baby shark a do … to Bollywood and Indian and everything fun!

Bake and Squeak

Cooking and Baking teaches kids so many things, measuring, precision, and patience are few to name. From picking the ingredients, mixing, whisking to kneading, rolling dough and cookie cutting…a little helping hand can go long ways in making baking a lot of fun.

Simple steps like icing and cake decoration can give kids of all ages a sense of accomplishment and fun.

A person shapes star cookies from dough using a cutter, with a rolling pin, various cutters, and baking ingredients like flour visible in the background

Along with baking a cake, I like to use cookies to teach my kids to share blessings with others. I like to do this by way of taking the cookies to places like the fire department, or the police station. I want my kids to be appreciative of the service these men and women provide to our community.

Have you tried recording your child’s awe in watching those cupcakes and cookies rise?

Precious! I say.

Board Games

Board games are a fun and less expensive way to spend time with each other. And if you choose the right game, your family will probably like it better than a day to the movies and your bank account will thank you! Start with native games such as the Paramapadham (Snake and Ladders), Pallanguzhi (Mancala/Bean hole game).

They can go a long way in teaching the kids mathematical skills, strategy, reasoning and yeah the family time memories. Who can forget the summer holiday time games we played back to back with our grandparents.

Don’t underestimate your kids though. Kids even as young as 6 or 7 can have great tactical skills and enjoy a game that requires a little more from them. I list a myriad of fun strategy games, trivia games, card games, and more.

Modern strategy board games have come a long way. There are so many different options that are perfect for families to play without it being too easy or boring for adults.

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