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6 Upcycle Ideas To Reuse Your Kid's Old Clothes

Updated: Apr 19

Kids outgrow their clothes so soon. We just keep on buying and after a few uses, it is too short for them. If we do collect all those clothes, they would make a mountain. But in this world where people wouldn't think twice about throwing out stuff, why not take a greener route?

Let us help you with a few ideas, that would not let those cute little clothes go to waste.

1. Donating to The Lesser Privileged

Personally, I've been following this. My mother's maid requests us to give my son's outgrown clothes to her grandson. I make sure they all are of good quality(not torn/no buttons missing etc).

And actually, some of the clothes, my son had hardly even worn more than 3 times, because I started using them too late or used initially but was too loose, so I kept them away and later forgot about them. 

A person hands over folded clothing to a volunteer at a donation drive, where items are collected in a box marked with a recycling symbol for sustainability

Also, you can donate it to nearby local orphanages along with some essentials like blankets, food, stationery, etc. You can actually take your kid along and show them how the kids in orphanages live.

This will instill empathy and helping tendencies. And also show them how they can find happiness and contentment in the smallest of things and not just with expensive clothes/toys.

2. Passing It on to The Younger Siblings

Some families follow this. If they plan to have kids in quick succession, then they save the first kids' clothes to be worn by the second one, instead of just throwing out everything.

Or they pass it on to the kid's younger cousins. This has some sentimental value too. But this idea only works in a few scenarios.

3. Making Clothes for Their Dolls

Little girls love dressing up their Barbies and Kellys. And they would always ask their parents for getting more clothes/fashion accessories for the dolls.

Why buy outside, when you can create a cute one at home with your daughter's old clothes?

Even if the parents aren't familiar with stitching and sewing, glue or other such alternatives can be used for making the dress. Even hats and handbags can be made for the dolls with the same cloth used for the doll's dress. This way Barbie and Kelly get to have dresses with matching accessories.

And even for your sons, you can make a cute little shirt or t-shirt for his teddy bear or Mickey mouse. You can even make a funny little matching hat to go with it.

Tip: Make this into a fun activity with your kids. Make them help you by measuring the dimensions for cutting, marking and even maybe sticking some extra buttons or a design patch or ribbons or sequins on the finished clothes.

If they are quite older kids, you can supervise them when they use the scissors while cutting the cloth during this little craft session. This will make them happier and they will even share their ideas with you, as to how they want the finished product to look.

4. Making Cloth Pouches/Potli Bags

A close-up of a sturdy, eco-friendly brown jute bag’s corner and handles, set against a contrasting grey background, emphasizing its textured, woven construction

Cloth pouches and potli bags are used for gifting purposes these days. If your kid's outgrown some kind of silk or a satin outfit, why not use them and make such cloth accessories? You can stitch them up yourself or can get an outside professional to help you, as these will be for gifting purposes.

You may then proceed to make them more festive. You can stick golden ribbons around them, stick sequins or use fabric glitter to make them all shiny and attractive looking, your kids can help you with this part. 

Even cotton or other material clothes can be used to make normal cloth bags, which you may use for shopping or travel depending on or just as a casual cute sling bag based on the size of the bag.

5. Making Cloth Hairbands

If your girl child is particularly fond of one pretty patterned dress and she's outgrown it and she refuses to let go of it, don't worry. You can turn it into a pretty headband/hairband for her to use. There are so many tutorials online and some really cool DIY ideas on Pinterest, that may help you achieve this.

6. Using Them for Phone/Tablet Covers

If you have a favorite dress of your kid that they outgrew, you can use it for making a pretty cool phone or tablet flip cover. You would need cardboard, measuring tape, fabric glue, fabric paint/glitter, scissors, and a band or two of elastic for this.

Measure out the phone/tablet and cut the cardboard a little bigger than that. The cardboard must be placed in the shape of a book cover with the phone/tablet inside it. You can round off the edges. 

Now measure out the cloth with the cardboard as the guide. Once the cloth is cut, stick it carefully on the cardboard with the fabric glue. Make sure they have stuck well.

Now you can use the elastic band and stick them on, they will be holding the phone/tablet. You can make it cool by adding designs, patterns, or stickers on top of the fabric.

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