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“A brand new year of school with new beginnings of learning and friendships, bring a new healthy change – Go Green”

An outright year of no-classroom and online learning that the world has never witnessed before would have been exhaustive for children, teachers, and Parents. When the schools reopen the same old routine begins – Sourcing, sorting, and arranging of school supplies.

Every time, back-to-school makes kid dull, but this time the pandemic lockdown would bring in a lot of changes with school coming kids and teachers, greener pollution-free roads, enthusiastic classrooms, and many more.

Let’s add another healthy change to it by going green with the school supplies. Shopping for the school supplies is always fun and this time let the fun be touched with a healthy twist and some care on the environment.

As a wise man said, it starts from a seed. Kindle environmental awareness in childhood and save nature. This time buy and promote eco-friendly options and products.

Pursuit of Stationery - Seed Pencils, Cardboard Binders, & Many More...

Never have I seen a kid not going crazy for the stationeries, there is never too much stationery for them. Get the beautiful, recycled paper pencil and plant pencil in the days of plastic pencils, folders and laminated binding sheets. Plant seed pencils and pens have a seed in them which when planted after the usage will grow into a plant.

What a beautiful way to explain reuse, eco-friendliness and preserving nature in one shot. Let your child be the change the earth needs and ignite the fire with other kids. We can always bring back traditional products and get nostalgic.

We can make our kids enjoy the pleasant memories of our childhood with wooden pencils whose shavings were preserved for craft classes, multi-purpose wooden rulers and Kraft paper used to cover the books. A cardboard binder is the best replacement for folders.

Plant-based pencils growing herbs in a pot. Eco-friendly back to school supplies.

Bamboo pen stands are purposeful and are aesthetic. Marble pen stands give a modern touch and serve as a paperweight. You can also encourage your kid to make DIY pen stands and cardboard folders.

Carry the Trend - Home a Handmade - Help a Small Business

Go trendy with the bright printed Jute school bags which can be personalized with their name and interests.

School Bags and Pouches

Flashy and durable cotton school bags available in bright colors, attractive prints and a variety of designs will also be great for your kids to carry to school this summer. They would be light on shoulders, kind on earth and catchy for eyes.

Avoid the polyester that school bags cause more damage to the environment. Bring in a tinge of nature with hand-painted palm leaf pencil boxes and unbox opportunities to a number of small businesses that thrive in the hard world. Printed Jute and cotton pouches are attractive, eco-friendly and more durable to your surprise than their sinful plastic alternatives.

Lunch Bags

Lunch breaks are always chatty and fun. Cute hand-painted Jute lunch bags and bright printed cotton lunch bags will make your child brim in pride and make other kids go awe. We remind you that by buying these eco-friendly handmade products you save earth from suffocating plastic landfills and are not only creating a better environment for your children but also helping the indigenous handmade business that are dying a silent death.

Colorful lunch box and tote bag on a table

Eat Drink, Care & Repeat

Cancer is slowly consuming the world and is no longer a disease of old age. Chemicals in the plastic and food wraps are known to cause cancer. Hence it’s rightly said that “Plastic is the Cancer of Earth”. Imagine the hot food in a plastic lunch box and the harm it would bring upon the innocent kids. Why turn blind when there are healthy alternatives.


Stainless steel lunch boxes ….does it rings a bell? Well, now they are the new trend not just for the gloss but for its healthy aspects. They keep the food safe and maintain their nutrients without reacting to it. To our surprise, they come in bright colors and some with thermal insulations. For older kids who can handle things safely, elegant yet strong glass lunch boxes will be perfect.

It’s Raining Bottles Here – Steel, Copper, Brass, Earthern, and Benefits

If you have not explored much on eco-friendly water bottles, we are glad to help you with loads of interesting and healthy options. Organic Bamboo water bottle, yes you heard it right. The water bottles that are carved out of the bamboo grass and stem speak the craftsmanship of Assam which are indigenous to North East India.

Bamboo bottles keep the water fresh and help with good bone health, builds immunity, reduce aging, good for hair and skin and lower the cholesterol. Worry not they are spill-proof. Let your kids take a sip from a copper water bottle for more special health benefits like a healthy digestive system, increased immunity to water-borne diseases, fighting anemia, preventing inflammation, and a lot many.

Stainless steel water bottles also come in attractive designs and various themes. Earthenware water bottles are known for its cooling power and ability to maintain pH balance in the water. They also help in increasing metabolism and virility. Brass water bottles with copper coats are again healthy and eco-friendly options.

Close-up of wooden spoon with white sauce

Ever heard of “edible cutlery”?

If not it’s time to revamp your kitchen cutleries. They are made of edible and healthy ingredients like millets and pulses where they can be consumed along with the food. They increase the taste of your food. They can be rinsed and reused as well. Stainless steel cutlery in fascinating designs can also be used.

Save Fuel - Be Fit!

Tired of chauffeuring? Do your fuel expenses burn a hole in your pockets? Encourage your teen kids to cycle their way to school. It’s a healthy way to keep them fit. Cycling helps in de-stressing and inculcates the sense of independence and responsibility in the kids.

If the distance is minimal, taking a walk to school can also be encouraged. If both the options cannot be done, carpooling or availing the school bus is the better option. It increases their social interaction and also causes comparatively lesser damage to the environment.

Don't Forget the Birthdays

It’s a trend to gift small return gifts, along with snacks and treats on birthday parties that are celebrated in school working days. Set a trend and be an example to many by going eco-friendly. Homemade sweets instead of chocolates and readymade snacks like chips and wafers will be healthy. 

There are lot many options of eco-friendly return gifts including terracotta products like bird whistles, wooden pen-stands, plants, small planters, Jute, cloth, palm leaf and wooden school essentials, Wooden key chains and toys, plant seeds for the garden are some interesting and useful options.

Reading and talking about eco-friendly products, recycling is not enough. Bringing about a small change now and then in everyday life makes the difference in the long run and especially with kids as they would add on in similar ways. We must remember that behind every great revolution there would be a small change. Let’s be that small change

Mother Earth loves you; appreciate her by being the green change. We at The Organic Parent respect you for bringing one

Back To School In Green And Sheen – Eco-Friendly And Healthy Supplies Guide


Back To School In Green And Sheen – Eco-Friendly And Healthy Supplies Guide


Gardening is an art that inculcates responsibility, creativity, succession planning, disaster management, positivity, love, and care toward nature. It brings mental peace.

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