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Five Extra-curricular Activities that Toddlers Love to Learn

Updated: Apr 12

An adult and child collaborate on a pottery wheel, shaping wet clay with focused hands, in a moment of shared creativity and learning, under soft natural light

Extra-curricular activities would always be a good choice to keep the toddlers engaged with activeness and fun. It fills their mind with new interests and ideas. It provides physical and also mental fitness to the kids at an early age. They gain the ability to face the society in a positive way and to explore the society they are in.

Parents should engage their toddlers in activities that would become a part of their enjoyment and learning. There are lots of activities that either the child can choose for himself or the parents can find the best choice based on the child’s interest.

Extra-curricular activities can be categorized for all ages beginning from a very early stage. Here you will find a list of 5 interesting activities that parents can engage their children with.

Paper Craft and Pottery:

Every child is an artist. Excuse their mess because they are making memories.

Craft is one of the most interesting activities with a wide variety of choices that a child would like to do. As parents we would be noting that most of our kids love playing with paper, sand and clay. Those that we discard as trash are our toddler’s crafting.

Look around to see they have lots around you. Crafting medium is endless while paper is easy and draws their interest. Paper crafting is in itself provides a world of options with paper mache art, origami, decoupage, cut-paste work and a lot.

Paper craft promotes creativity building their mental and emotional growth in ease.  In craft, there is no right and wrong. Allow kids to bring their own style of design and painting and play along to their heart’s content.

An adult and two children enjoy pottery outdoors, surrounded by ceramic creations, focused on shaping clay on wheels on a stone-tiled surface

Pottery is another beautiful medium of expressing their emotion and can be interest all the ages. Clay can be made out of soil in our home and can be given to the kids to have fun.

Modeling the clay help with horning their sensory and motor skills and strengthens their muscles. Every imperfect figurine is perfect memory of your child.


"A child who sings or drums is a happy child"

Most of us as parents get tired of hearing the kids shout and bang. But we can change their activity as their future. Playing bands or singing in choir helps the child not only to have fun but to do better in academics also. Children can go for classes or join a choir group to learn music.

Person in blue dress holds a pink toy guitar with flower stickers, standing by a railing with trees and sky in the background

Many children look up to their favorite musicians and try to imitate them.  Many musical instruments are available to be explored. We can follow the child’s interest and choose any instrument from veena, harp, piano, guitar, ukulele, drums, flute and list is endless. Music gives them peace and happiness and it travels along them throughout their life.

Physical Games/Sports:

Sports or games for kids are a source of developing all skills for their lifetime. Kids in today’s world are in need to be involved in physical activity to lead a healthy lifestyle.

The games that they play outdoor facilitates teamwork, discipline and health. It grows physical strength in them and improves sustainability.

Two soccer players in vibrant sportswear compete for a neon yellow ball on a lush green field, with one player in red and blue, and the other in green and blue

Games like football, swimming, cycling, skating, basketball, walking and tennis are the most interesting ones for the kids and they teach perseverance and positivity. Kids who play these games tend to have high level of confidence and can take any challenge in life.

Learning New Languages:

“With languages, you are at home anywhere”

With the modern nomad life we lead, our children may get to travel and live in any part of the world when they grow. Children at an early age can learn a lot of new languages. This will help them for the future and is always useful. Children mind gets broaden when they get to learn foreign languages.

Diverse hands unite to form a star on a paved surface, symbolizing unity with colorful bracelets and casual attire, under daylight in an outdoor setting

One of the languages they learn can include sign language to expand their world and include many friends. They can enroll in language classes or even join a club where they can learn new languages. Kids pick up any language easier than adults.


“Chess is everything: art, science and sports” said Anatoly Karpov

Chess nurtures the computation skill, reasoning and patience in kids. Chess classes are common in most of the schools. Allow them to join and learn the strategies of the game.

Children can learn chess at a very early age and they can easily win over the opponent in this complex game with high-level strategy since the young mind grasps better.

Black and white photo of two individuals deeply engaged in a chess game at a concrete table in a serene park setting, with one wearing a cap with an emblem and the other a plain cap, surrounded by benches and lush trees

The game strategy varies with each child. Make the kids practice with their friends or even with adults. With the current digital world, Kids can even learn and play chess online.

Education is a necessity but that doesn’t complete the life of a person. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, is the saying. It is always true, activities pave them a way for their mind and person skill development. While choosing activities for kids try to understand their ground of interest.

Extra-curricular activities kill their boredom and let them explore more on themselves. This reduces their stress or frustration even under pressure in today’s world. They learn teamwork, patience, self-esteem and build their personality and self-confidence.

Children can find ways to build their interests and passion depending on their age and health. Kids come together and always find ways to explore new things.

Sometimes they may find their friends for life through extra-curricular activities.

Let them explore the world beyond school books.

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