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How to Make Bird Home at Home with Kids

Updated: Apr 20

The harsh and sweaty summer came to an end as the sky drew a blanket of rainy clouds upon us, thus welcoming the monsoon. Rainy season brings in the most mesmerizing beauty around us by painting our environment lush green. There would be most of us who would vote the rainy season as one of the best seasons to relish.

Chill breeze, drizzling sky, Earthy aroma, trees and flowers glittering with pearl-like raindrops, cold nights, and misty mornings are the most treasured moments of this season. Cuddling under a fluffy blanket or holding a cup of coffee with hot samosas while watching the rain from your window has no words to describe it. 

This is really a cherished season for most of us, but will it be the same for the little winged birds that flutter around the sky every day? I would say that, it’s an absolute “NO”. 

Birds are the real victims of the rainy season. With all the skyscrapers and buildings around us, along with the cutting of trees, these poor creatures have no place to hide and nest. When it rains, it gets worse.

Because a bird can’t survive when it gets wet continuously as the air pockets under its wings help them to keep warm and assist in flight.

Once the pockets are filled with water, they might become cold very soon, which is dangerous for its life. So it is our responsibility to save these birds and sustain their species from becoming endangered.

There are many NGOs that offer free nests to be installed in our homes to save these little birds, especially the sparrows. In that case, why can’t we bring in our social responsibility and design our own little home with our kids for these pretty little birds, from the things that are available in our house? You can do this fun activity at home and enjoy family time.

Material Required

  • Card Board-1 nos

  • A4 sheet - 4nos

  • Scissors

  • A pen knife

  • Strong Glue and Child-friendly glue

  • A wooden stick

  • Organic Homemade Colours or Non-Toxic Fabric Paint

  • Copper wire 

  • Cotton, coir, and stones

  • Decoration items – Stickers, Beads (Avoid it with kids below 3 years since they pose a choking hazard), gift wrappers and yarn etc...


Making the Room: (To be done under adult supervision)

Take the A4 sheets and ask your kids to draw the shape of the birdhouse as per the blueprint given below with the help of a ruler and pencil. You can draw it for them with the kids below 5 years or keep the dots and ask them to draw lines with your help.

The diagram may not be perfect but let that not reduce the fun. 

But make sure that the measurement of the front and back portion are the same. 

Similarly the measurement of the side walls should be the same.

Please help them to cut the blueprint and paste it with child-friendly glue on the cardboard. You can use a pen knife and cut the shape along the lines in the cardboard.

Similarly, cut out the side walls with the length matching the front and the back and decide the breadth you desire. (When referring to the blueprint, the length of the side walls would be 15 cm and the breadth maybe 15cm or less)

Gluing: (To be done only the adult)

Stick the front, back, and side walls using strong glue and secure the corners tight by using cellophane tape. Please make sure you do that and don’t let the kids come in contact with the glue.

Before gluing, cut out the circle on the front portion which forms the entrance of the house.

Measure the base and cut it out. Secure the body of the birdhouse to the base by applying loads of glue. Seal the entire structure with cellophane tape after the glue dries.

Making the Roof:

A whimsical miniature camper with a red and white exterior, detailed with windows, a door, and a porch, nestled among tree branches, evoking a sense of adventure and coziness

Make sure that the measurement of the roof is larger than the entire house before you cut.

Make a slit in the centre of the cardboard sheet, that has been cut for the roof portion and make an Inverted “V”.

Glue the roof over the top portion of the birdhouse and wrap the joints using cellophane tape.

Let it dry well for a few minutes.

You could also make another birdhouse, smaller than the previous one, and paste it over the roof of the bigger birdhouse to make an extra space. You should take care of the measurements as the roof forms the base.


a bird with spread wings feeds its chick in a colorful, hand-painted birdhouse, perched on a roof against a soft, blurred sky backdrop

Here comes the fun part with the kids, let them paint and decorate the house with the colors and drawings as much as they wish to. You will be amused by their creativity and joy.

Once the glue has dried, they can decorate the birdhouse with their scribbles and drawings and finger paint them with non-toxic paints or organic homemade colors.

They can use their favorite character stickers and patterns out of gift wrappers to add make it beautiful. Pasting colorful woolen threads or rope would give a natural finish.

Place a few dried leaves, small stones, cotton, coir, and twigs inside the birdhouse to make it more natural and comfortable for bird to lay eggs.

At last, don’t forget to glue the wooden stick on the smaller circle in the front portion.


a black mannequin hand extends from a tree, presenting a charming purple birdhouse with a heart-shaped entrance, adorned with a red ribbon and golden lock

Put a small hole using a needle on both sides of the roof and insert a copper wire and secure it tight.

Add some beads or funky designs to the wire if you desire and tie the birdhouse near a shade or on a wall or near your window sill or even on a tree.

Take care while you choose the place and check whether it would be safe during rain or wind.

There are so many ideas for building a birdhouse. Involving your children in exploring the ideas would increase their creativity, and help them understand our environment and the need for being socially responsible. 

Initially, for a few days, you can keep grains and food outside the birdhouse at a place near it where birds can see and ask your kids to call them out so they will get friendly with your place. Then they will eventually use your birdhouse.

When they use the birdhouse you can see the happiness your kids get to watch them fly, chirp, eat, and lay eggs. This way they can raise a pet without clipping their freedom and it will give away a strong message to your kids.

Now, what are you waiting for? 

It’s time for inviting a family to chirp for you.

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