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Learning to Make Kids-Safe Colored Sand Is Not Difficult At All!

Updated: Apr 12

Colors and beach sand are two words that fascinated me ever since my childhood. Dolefully, in our current fast world, kids don’t get to enjoy beaches like us. But how about bringing the beach to the houses?

Making colored sand is a fun activity with your kids, giving them the joy of playing on the beach. It improvises the sensory abilities of the kids.

Materials Required

  • Play sand – 1 small bucket

  • Non-toxic washable kid's paint – 4-5 different colors

  • Mixing Container  - 1

  • Mixing Spatula 

  • Tissue paper

  • Bath oil (optional for fragrance – recommended only for adults)

Take a container that can hold at least up to 7 spatulas of sand and will be easy to mix and shake the sand. I chose a glass so I could shake it conveniently. 

Take 4-5 spatulas of wet play sand and put it inside the container. Table Salt can also be used if play sand is unavailable. In the case of salt, add a few drops of water to the salt and paint to mix it well. Please add only a few drops of water to the salt to avoid it getting dissolved. 

A colorful set of children’s beach toys, including a yellow watering can, blue bucket, and green and red bucket with a spade, on a sandy beach with a blurred child in the background

Add 3-4 drops of the non-toxic washable paint of any desired color into the container with play sand. The non-toxic kid-safe paints will be available in the crafts shop. You can look for tempera paints (or tempera color powder) or washable non-toxic paints that are kids safe in the store.

Edible food colors can also be used instead of paints. But the edible food colors may not be as bright and permanent as washable paints.

Slightly mix the play sand with paint using a spatula. If the mixer looks dry add a few drops of water to facilitate mixing. Now close the container and shake it well until the color is evenly spread. Zip locks can also be used to mix the color with sand.

Once the color is evenly spread, pour the mixture on the tissue paper and air dry it to get your own budget-friendly homemade colored sand. 

Repeat the same for all the paints to get different colored sand. You can also mix 2-3 different colored paint to get a unique color. Glitter colors can be used to get the glittering sand.

Store the colored sand in a spill-proof container and have fun making a variety of colored sand DIY projects.  

Now you can get busy with fun activities like colored cookie jars, sand painting, colored flower vases, colored sand bottles, etc… with your kids.

Please don’t forget to wash your kid’s hands in the soap after the art party is over. Also, it is recommended for kids above 3+ years so they don’t eat the sand or colors.

Aromatic Colored Sand

The aromatic colored sand can be used in home décor sand art projects like sand bottles, color cookie jars and many interesting crafts to add an aromatic art touch to your house.

In the preparation procedure of the colored sand, after the play sand and paint is put inside the container, add 2-3 drops of bath oil of any flavor like lavender, vanilla, strawberry and lime to the container before mixing the sand with the paint. 

After adding the bath oil mix and shake the play sand, color and bath oil evenly and air dry it as said before to get the aromatic colored sand. This will fill your house with a pleasant aroma.

The bath oil might not be recommended for kids.

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