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Mind-Blowing Gift Ideas For MOM To Be

Updated: Apr 18

A lady in a red dress with white angel wings on their pregnant belly, touched by another’s hands, symbolizes love and anticipation for new life

Pregnancy is the most wonderful experience in a woman’s life. It is not the bed of roses yet she finds it the most beautiful days in her life since she gets to feel the innocent soul within her and brings a tiny part of her to life.

The carrying mother goes through a lot physically and emotionally. Most of her days are exhausting with mood swings, morning sickness, fatigue, medical tests, body aches, and a lot more.

A little pampering and abundant care would make her day a happy one. Pregnancy is also the best journey she would want to remember forever. Unconditional love from her near and dears makes her overwhelmed and her pregnancy days to cherish even more.

Check out for the best gift ideas we brought together for you to pamper her with your love in the nest of nature.

1. Gift for the Creator of Life:

“Brahma is often called as the creator of life;

But in reality, our mother is the real Brahma”

She devotes herself to bring life to the earth, so it is right to gift her with products like stretch mark creams, foot care for pressure, nipple care creams, and pregnancy pillows to support during pregnancy to take care of her better.

But the best gift lets her enjoy herself and have her “me-time” which she can only dream of after baby.

Women in a white dress enjoys a book among vibrant flowers, basking in the peaceful, sunlit ambiance of a lush garden

Like read books and soothing music would always give her happiness and enjoyable private time. Humor, chick lits, Inspirational biographies, and fictional novels are a few genres that would entertain her.

During pregnancy, it is quite common to have mood swings so it is better to avoid books that have very emotional storylines and sad endings. Pregnancy guiding journals, weekly/monthly development of the fetus from conception till birth, postpartum care, and parenting books are also the best options that would interest her and come handy with her childbirth journey.

A playlist with good beat songs and refreshing melodies will make her hum along her day. A collection of lullabies that might soothe her and her baby in the womb would also be a great gift to her.

It is important to hear good and peaceful sounds while she is carrying. It is also said that the child listens and gets accustomed to the most heard song and falls asleep after delivery when it is played.

2. Gift an Experience

A mother sacrifices her physical wellbeing to carry her baby and it will not be enough to gift her more than what she deserves. But do gifts have to be materialistic things always to enjoy? Not necessarily.

Gifting an experience or a therapy would best let her rejoice herself. Couple tickets for babymoon would let her escape from her daily routine and feel the breeze before the storm.

She can take joy in the intimate moments with her baby. Babymoons bring in bonding and personal time between the couple since they would be having busy and sleepless days later.

While looking for the babymoon destination it is important to be mindful of the pregnancy symptoms like nausea and body aches and it is wise to avoid too humid, too hot, and very adventurous places.

A person lies on a pink mat, eyes closed, in a serene setting, while another with tattoos is nearby, creating an intimate and peaceful atmosphere

Spa therapy and a massage session is also a great gift to the mother to take care of her body pains. When you book for a spa session, ensure to check if the service offered is friendly for pregnant mothers.

Gifting a prenatal yoga course with the guidance of her physician is also an ideal gift to her body and soul.

3. Make it Memorable

Some gifts go beyond and touch their heart and stay in their memories forever. One such is a baby record book. A baby record book should be gifted before childbirth so she can document and preserve the beautiful moments from the beginning.

Seeing the first baby scan picture, baby bump pictures, and remembering the day of the first kick will be a nostalgic pleasure to the parents and the child later.

An expectant mother in a pink dress stands in a garden, cradling her baby bump, symbolizing the beauty and anticipation of impending motherhood

Gifting a Maternity baby bump photoshoot reminds them of their beauty and lets them embrace their motherhood. Dolling up in beautiful costumes and posing in scenic backdrops will add the fun element. Color frames of a 3D ultrasound scan can be also done and gifted.

The baby bump is the signature of pregnancy and Baby bump castings are perfect to freeze it in time and adorn it as a memory in the home. In baby bump casting, professional make a casting of the baby belly and it can be kept for a lifetime

4. Gifts for the Little Bundle:

“I am in love with the person I haven’t met yet”

Cute baby gifts for the dreamy mother who is dreaming all day about her baby would be a perfect gift. Personalized gentle natural fiber infant clothing gift sets and chemical-free newborn body care products are better gifting options.

A baby’s striped onesie humorously declares “BEEN INSIDE FOR 9 MONTHS,” surrounded by white baby shoes and other items, all framed artistically on a light wall

Lots of eco-friendly gifts like skin-friendly plant-based diaper sets, eco- friendly langots, wooden baby cribs, soft baby rugs, and bamboo toys are available. Baby brain stimulation and development flashcards, Infant stimulation flashcards, light music for baby sense stimulation, and eco-friendly baby carrier for the mother to carry the baby after delivery would entice the mom-to-be.

Having said a lot of brief ideas about gifting a happy package to pregnant women, let’s not restrict the gift to just pleasure but also widen the opportunity to gift knowledge and let her break the taboo of seeing pregnancy as being sick and going to the hospital, with a sad face.

5. Gift Knowledge

This is pure bliss, especially with pregnancy. Empowering pregnant woman with knowledge is more important than feeling sympathetic for them. Because gifting the pregnant woman with knowledge regarding all three trimesters of pregnancy and labor is true empowerment.

This gives them a rough insight regarding what to expect while being pregnant, the impact of hormones on the human body, exercise regime, nutrition, and diet to follow while carrying and breathing exercises for better sleep hygiene.

A newborn baby, swaddled in blue, shares a tender moment with the mother, both draped in medical covers

Labor is yet another topic which is not discussed much and even pregnant woman are unaware of what real labor is and what to expect while nearing the date. The Cinema industry is the first and sometimes only mode of learning about childbirth, it creates negativity and fear with the pregnant woman.

She should know the stages of labor, the symptoms of labor and how it begins and tips to tackle pain using simple exercises and breathing techniques. This makes her more confident and empowered to face labor.

Several pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and labor certified professionals are now available to guide women on the same.

6. Gift Breastfeeding Awareness

We have put at the end so it stays in your heart and lets you think about it. Breastfeeding is a must after childbirth and is the only food safe for the newborn but most women are misinformed or less informed about it.

The fourth trimester (the 3 months postpartum) after childbirth is a real struggle for several mommies than the real three trimesters. This is because she constantly gets plenty of opinions regarding breastfeeding, baby growth, weight gain, and baby development and she is judged with every choice and every step she takes.

Mother and Father in traditional attire with a baby, possibly breastfeeding, surrounded by greenery, embodying intimacy and nurturing

An informed new mom would be aware of baby hunger cues, feeding patterns, proper latching techniques, delayed cord clamping, cluster feeding, growth spurts, evening colics and skin to skin contact after delivery. She will feel confident about what she does and will continue on the right path.

A new mom should be gifted a session with a certified lactation consultant would keep her informed and confident. It will help in her breastfeeding journey and let her address the issues during lactation.

Let’s celebrate the mother and let her celebrate pregnancy!!!

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