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Online Kids Apparel Shopping Guide

Updated: Apr 12


I shouldn't have been surprised, but I was. I mean, I knew my boys had grown over the summer quarantine (one of them likes to measure himself against me every morning), but I couldn't believe how much until it was time to get ready for some clothes shopping. Few months of living in a sleepover dress and shorts had tricked me, as I started going through their clothes and realizing that nothing fit anymore.

Online Shopping! The New Normal

A person inserting a black wallet filled with credit cards and cash into the pocket of a blue shirt, depicting a routine act of securing personal belongings

Online shopping is a boon in so many ways. There are no lines, no crowds, no travel, and no search for a parking spot. You can shop online in your pajamas leisurely from your coach. I know I’m not the only one who loves that part.

But it doesn’t end with that, online shopping if done right, can go light on your wallets and save you money. Use these smart ways to be a smart shopper when it comes to your kids.

#1 Make a List, Make a Plan

Always have a complete vision of what you are looking for. Make a list of all things you need. It helps avoid binge shopping on stuff that saves your pockets from emptying.

A hand holding a white mobile phone with a QWERTY keyboard, displaying a blank digital “Shopping List” on a pink sticky note against a dark background

Shoes, socks, shirts, pretty gowns, trousers, shorts, comfortable pyjamas, inner wears, tees, ribbons, hats, sunglasses and ethnic wears; woah I have made a big list. List out all the necessities you want to buy so you don’t do impulse shopping.

#2 Shopping Apps and Sites

Decide the shopping sites and apps you will be using. Surf and opt for all the best options.

A hand holding a smartphone with an app showing a yellow dress for £38, offering options to like or dislike

There are plenty of apps that are full of pretty and handsome apparel for kid's cloth shopping. The kid's clothing shopping can also be done through shopping groups and from the Facebook marketplace.

But there are some shopping sites and profiles that are fake and fraudulent. So please research and study the review before you purchase it. Chose sites based on their choice of kid's clothes designs, availability, price, delivery options (such as the speed of delivery), and safe and reliable delivery system (in such pandemic times).

Most sites share expected delivery time options depending on the intensity of the pandemic zone at your pin code. Also, most importantly consider ease of return and the quality of customer support systems before purchasing.

#3 Compare Prices

Shopping online makes it super easy to compare prices from store to store without roaming from place to place. You can have several tabs up for as many different websites as you like and search for better design at the best price.

A diverse collection of adult clothing on sale, displayed on hangers with red tags, against a dark background with a partially visible sale sign

There are also a few online tools that can help you compare prices. You can also Google for specific apparel that you’re looking for and compare prices from several retailers’ right next to each other. Google aims to show you the lowest prices too, so that is helpful.

There are many online market places where different people sell their stock. While comparing the prices, check on the size and fabric. Camel Camel Camel is a price tracker for all of the products on Amazon.

It will help you see how the prices of those products have changed over time, so you can decide if the sale price is actually a good deal. Flipkart lists the price variations offered by all sellers for the same product. Similarly, every online market place has its own price comparison technique, make use of it.

#4 Size, Fit, Fabric and Make

Know the size measurements of your kid and jot down the exact size and measurements of your kids. Every brand has its own size charts, every small and medium is not the same. So check on the size chart listed for each apparel and make the right pick based on the measurements.

A coiled blue measuring tape with numbers, focused against a muted background, emphasizing themes of measurement, precision, and the tools used for tailoring or construction

Especially, in shopping online, choosing the right fit can be an art. The most important but most neglected part of a shopping item is the specifications section. It has all the details about the fabric, length, stitching details, etc…

Don’t blindly go by the listing instead read and pick by the specifications. Always go for natural fiber clothes, they are safe and healthy for kids and the earth. Most sites list girl dresses as “stitched” but most of them would be semi-stitched so make sure to read before your place the order. Reviews are a good way to cross this hurdle.

A vibrant collection of rolled towels in a spectrum of blues, greens, pinks, and yellows, arranged to create a visually appealing gradient

Opt for brands that can give attention to little details like hem in buttonholes, knee cap linings for toddler size, free button-down opening for infant-sized outfits that will save mommies in clean up time. Such little details can go a long way in the comfort of the kid.

#5 Read Reviews, They Cannot Lie

When it comes to online, reviews can be the bible. It’s smart always to trust a product that has over a hundred reviews and has more than an average star rating. Note the glitches mentioned in the few negative reviews. That can make you decide.

  1. More than a 100 ratings

  2. Above average stars from all the many hundred reviews

The two pointers can almost never fool you and give you an excellent idea of what you are going to invest in. However there might be many new small-scale sellers online, you can try them if they have a comfortable return policy.

Supporting them would go a long way in helping small scale business. Sometimes these small shopping groups or new entrees would surprise you with the finest quality of the fabric.

#6 Search For a Coupon

If you don’t have a coupon, search for one online! You might always successfully find a coupon code before purchasing from a portal or app. There are several websites that help you with the offers and coupons making your bargain easier.

A smartphone screen displaying the phrase “Coupon Code” prominently, set against a vibrant yellow background, symbolizing digital savings in online shopping or services

The promo code or coupon box is conveniently made available at check out so you can always remember that you need to search for a coupon for discounts. This is so easy to do. It takes one minute, at most. There’s no excuse for not trying it.

#7 Finding Clothes Your Kids Will Love

My current motto - Five-year-old boys are not hard to please - give them dinosaurs and superheroes and you're set.

But that can’t be true all the time. When it comes to kids’ clothes, you need to consider your kids' style, age, and environment to help guide your choices. For my preschool boys, clothes need to be more comfortable, easy to use especially in the bathroom, and durable to withstand their rough and tumble times on the playground.

A family of four engaging in grocery shopping, with one child seated in the cart, in a well-stocked store

Involve the kid, hint him, or ask them for choices on what they want to shop.

Superheroes? Princesses? Cars? Colors? Go by their choice. After all, it’s their apparel.

Involving kids in these little steps can go a long way in handling tantrums and crankiness on busy getting ready schedules and bath times!

So…Ready! Set! And here you go.

Shop and have all the fun!!!

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