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  • Organic Parent offers Mom-crafted meals designed for children, supporting growth and nourishment without the use of preservatives.

  • Our concept revolves around providing a daily-changing menu featuring colorful, kid-friendly recipes to ensure that children don't get bored with repetitive meals. We aim to keep our menu unique for at least a month, with each day introducing a different recipe. Only the most popular dishes might be repeated, otherwise, we offer 30 distinct recipes for 30 days.

  • No, at present we provide only Lunch.

    1. No, at present we do delivery only on weekdays.

    1. We provide a 5 days trial for every new customer to try our range of different recipes.

    2. We don't provide a trial for one day as our menu changes everyday and the custom should try for at least five days to see the variety and consistency in taste and presentation.

Popular articles on Organic Parent

Popular articles on Organic Parent

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