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Upcycle a Withering Rose Bouquet to an Anti-Depressing Pot-Pourri with Your Kids

Updated: Apr 12

Were you surprised by your loved ones with a bouquet of roses this Valentine’s Day?

Lucky you!

Hope you are saving those pretty petals with all love and care. But you cannot stop them from withering, can you?

Don’t you worry; you could turn them into potpourri with the help of your kids and have a fragrant experience.

Materials Required

  • Two dozen of roses

  • Orange peel

  • Vetiver root or sandalwood bark

  • Newspaper

  • Rose essential oil

  • Cinnamon Powder or bark (1 tbsp)

  • Large bowl

  • Glass Jar or airtight container

Roses are natural soothers, exquisite, and always considered as a symbol of love. The fragrance from the rose petals has a calming effect on our minds and soul. Orange peel gives you freshness and vetiver is the best coolant.

When blended together they absolutely turn into a refreshing natural stress reliever. When done with your kids it is going to make it more fascinating.


Dry the Rose Petals & Orange Peel

Choose a warm corner in your house, spread two newspapers, and ask your children to pluck the petals of the rose and cut the orange peel into medium size pieces to dry faster.  

Spread the rose petals and orange peel on a newspaper with your kids and let them for three to four days, until they become crisp. Ensure to flip them at regular intervals for faster drying.

Grind the Orange Peel

Take the dried small pieces of orange peel and put them in a mixer and reduce it to powder

Blend & Create the Aroma

A bowl of aromatic ingredients like dried roses, star anise, cinnamon sticks, and dried oranges on a wooden surface, evoking a warm, inviting ambiance

Here comes the fun part, Take a large bowl. 

Add the dried rose petals, 2 tablespoons of powdered orange peel, and Vetiver roots. Sprinkle the cinnamon powder in the desired amount (the scent increases with the quantity added).

Now those little fingers can mix it gently to let the aroma fuse together. Their hands would be fragile to crush it but still ensure that while mixing the petals aren’t crushed. 

The fragrance would be enticing and they would have a beautiful day by playing the smells. Since all the ingredients are organic it would be safer for their skin. 

You can add any aromatic substance like sandalwood bark, dried lavender, and cinnamon bark as a replacement for vetiver and lemon peel instead of orange peel.

The Final Touch

Take a glass jar and transfer the mixture. Add in a few drops of rose essential oil and seal the lid. Shake the mixture well so that they get coated well with the essential oil.

Place the jar in a cool and dry place for more than two weeks. Don’t forget to give the jar a few shakes at regular intervals. 

Yaay!! Your refreshing and de-stressing rose orange potpourri is ready.

Open up the jar after a week or two to find your potpourri ready and anxious, to fill your home with a soothing aroma of rose, blended with the aesthetic touch of vetiver and sandalwood. Use a wooden bowl or carved shell or glass bowl to spread some potpourri and place it in your desired corner to spread the fragrance and make sure to enjoy it with your family.

Ready for Organic Aromatherapy?

This could be an ideal gift to your loved ones. You could also use this potpourri for your aromatherapy, with some scented candles and a hot soak that could really do wonders.

Time to light the scented candles and enjoy your hot tub with potpourri and get lost in the aromatic world!!!

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