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About Our Company

Making Childhood Healthier and Happier with Organic Parent

We are organic parenting enthusiasts trying our best in building an organic environment around your family and you. The Organic Parent is an eco-friendly parenting blog with parenting tips to blend in goodness of nature in child development, fun activities, parent and child care, food, fashion and lifestyle.

Healthy Meal

Healthier Generations Naturally

We are committed to nurturing healthier generations naturally, by providing organic solutions for parents who value a wholesome, natural lifestyle for their children

Path to Organic Parenthood

Choose OrganicParent for a trustworthy path to organic parenthood, where every product and resource is thoughtfully curated to ensure the well-being of your family

Parents,  Honoring Nature

Our mission is to empower parents while honoring the wisdom of nature. We believe that by working hand in hand with nature, we can create a brighter, healthier future for your family

What Sets OrganicParent Apart

Software Engineer by Profession, Founder of The Organic Parent. Loves to lose herself into the world of books and crafts, Part-time blogger. Full-time mother of a naughty toddler. Her crazy family is her anchor. Foodie and nature-lover with wanderlust. Book and Briyani by the garden is her best therapy

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Dhivya V

CEO & Co Founder

Dhivya Co Founder Organic Parent
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