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Babies are not only the gift of God but also windows to look through us, our patience, our brought up, our way of behavior, and everything. We might feel the pregnancy moved slowly but once those tiny feet hit the ground they grow faster. They are grown up in just the blink of our eyes.   

Our cute little bundle of joy goes through a lot of changes physically, mentally, and socially while they grow. Around every passing month and year, they learn and achieve a new skill which we call milestones. In this blog, we shall see the developmental milestones they should achieve before they turn one.

But before we learn, it is important to remember that every child is unique and the time taken to reach every milestone varies with every baby. Some may be early and some may be late, so we don’t need to be very specific about the months of the baby and milestones.

1. Sensing Lights

Sun is the source of everything in this world and light is what they first identify. The baby’s eyes and vision grow while they are in the womb. While as adults, we find it difficult to face a bright light even for a few seconds, babies can stare at lights for a long. A baby within a few days of birth should react when exposed to light.

They would react to the change in intensity of the light and slowly would follow it while the light moved. When a baby reacts to light, we can be assured about the basic vision of the baby.

2. Differentiating Voice

It is said that the hearing ability of the baby is developed in the second trimester of the pregnancy. Infant babies can hear sounds and sometimes can get startled and cry when they hear loud sounds. These are indications that the baby’s hearing ability is good. After a few weeks, they listen and respond to voices by turning their heads.

A baby should respond to different voices around. This not only shows the hearing capacity of a baby and also a realizing nature. A baby normally responds super cool to a lovable person and weird to new people.

3. Responding Actively

A baby should respond actively whenever we spend time with them. It shows their reactive nature. Apart from sleeping time and eating time, they are always super relaxed and not so stressed like grown-ups!! So, their active response always shows their activeness.

4. Holding

Holding is considered to be the first important motor skill of kids. When they are given some toys they should know to grasp them and hold them. Till one, they know just to hold things and do not know to work with the things they are playing. This is the reason elder people always give their fingers to the baby to hold.

5. Lying on the Tummy

A baby lying on a white bed

A baby lying on its tummy is considered to be one of the major milestones in various parts of the world. There are also some elders who threaten young parents if the kid doesn't lay on its tummy at the right time as if the baby had committed some major crime, yes such people do exist!!

When a baby turns itself and lay on its tummy and lifts its head, it is said that a baby is very normal in its growth both physically and mentally. In south India, we can definitely find a photo with or without a frame of a baby lying on a tummy.

Yes... Such an important milestone!

6. Rolling

A baby when starts to roll on the floor here and there, then it is considered to be healthy and the time for parents to get alerted. Now it is time for someone to keep an eye on our baby because still there are people who just make their baby sleep on the bed as it is and there is a chance for to baby to fall down.

7. Sitting

A child is engaged in play, stacking colorful rings on a rod, surrounded by other toys, capturing the essence of early learning and development

When a baby starts sitting, its hip bone and spinal cord get strong. This phase requires more care; we should give enough calcium foods and some more healthy foods. We should be careful enough while the baby is sitting; the baby should be surrounded by pillows or cushions in the initial days so that the baby doesn’t get hurt when it slips.

8. Crawling

Crawling is one of the most admired milestones of the baby. They look like some tiny animals moving here and there. This shows their mobility nature and this phase also need some attention. There are chances for babies to take something from the floor and eat them, to move out of their respective places. This milestone says that their hands, legs, and joints are strong enough.

9. Reacting to Favourite Music

Just Hearing and Hearing certain particular things vary! Usually, babies react to their favorite advertisements, songs, rhymes, phone ringtones and so on which have some music. This shows their response toward interests. This is also considered a milestone because the thing to which the babies react are cherished for years.

10. Babbling

Here comes the wonderful milestone Babbling. "The Human Voice Is The Organ Of The Soul", Everybody wants their baby to call them amma(mom) and appa(dad) as soon as possible. When a baby starts babbling everyone around the baby feels happy and it also leads to finding that the baby has no vocal issues. There are families who record the voices of the baby.

11. Standing

The next milestone is standing. Baby after crawling, slowly grabs nearby things like furniture, walls, and people and starts standing. Again in this period, we should give them enough amounts of calcium-rich foods to make their bones and joints strong.

12. Walking

In the Tamil language, there is a famous saying "Ettu maadhathil Ettu Eduthu Vaipan"(In the eighth month a baby will keep their steps to walk). Though it doesn't happen exactly at the 8th month, it is considered that a baby will start walking at the 8th month. This is another major milestone of a baby's growth.

13. Strolling on a Walker

A child in an orange shirt is pushing a pink and white baby walker on a path, with a scenic natural background

Walker plays a vital role for babies nowadays. A baby when put on a walker, he/she strolls around the house as their wishes. It is more comfortable for them to fulfill their wish of roaming around the house and to gear up their walking skill.

14. First Tooth

Babies usually get their first tooth when they are around six months old. There are also some peculiar cases where some babies will be having one or two teeth since birth!! After a baby gets teeth, a variety of food can be given.

15. Exploring Toys

A child and a teddy bear sitting on the floor, both seemingly engrossed in reading a book, illuminated by soft light filtering through the window.

It is not that simple to calculate as nothing much about a baby playing with toys. It is also a major milestone for a baby's growth where the baby explores different colors, the connection between the toys, the operation of the toys, etc. This also helps in their motor skills.

Every kid has a special feature and they all vary in all aspects. All the mentioned milestones are commonly found in all babies but not exactly and at the exact time period. Flourish the time being spent with your children. Time once gone is gone, so enjoy the period of your infant.

Important Developmental Milestones of a Baby until 1 Year


Important Developmental Milestones of a Baby until 1 Year


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