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Brown Rice Nutrition, Healthy Grains, Nutrient-Rich Foods, Whole Grain Goodness


Embracing The Wholesomeness Of Brown Rice


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Since we have looked into Black and Red rice in the past two articles, today we are deep diving into the other colored rice - Brown rice. Albeit, being less nutritious than black and red rice, brown rice is still a better alternative to white rice. As the bran and germ layer are retained in the brown rice as well, the nutrients are not lost.

Brown rice can be consumed like other rice variants. It can be cooked and paired with sambar, daal, stews, rasam, and all curries. Rice dishes like flavored rice, biryani, and pulao can be prepared with it. On the international cuisine front soups, salads, rice cakes, sushi, and rice bowls are made with this.

On a sweeter note - brown rice finds a place in porridges and puddings. The flour can be used in the batter form for dosa and neer dosa. The powdered form is used in making pasta.

Facts About Brown Rice:

A pile of brown pine nuts on a white background

  • Brown  rice is said to have origins that date back as far as 10,000 years and is said to have originated in China 

  • Oryza Sativa is the botanical name for brown rice

  • Brown rice is consumed across the globe - US, Canada, parts of Europe, China, India, Japan, Brazil, the Middle East & parts of Africa

  • The three largest brown rice distribution markets are India, Vietnam and Thailand

  • Brown rice grows well in clayey loam soil

  • Brown rice can be stored at room temperature for up to 6 months, but it is recommended to be refrigerated or frozen to avoid moth infestations and spoiling

  • Brown rice is of three main types - Long grain brown rice, medium grain brown rice, and sweet brown rice

  • This rice too has a nutty taste and chewy texture

  • Since Arsenic is present more in brown rice than the white variant, it is recommended to limit the rice intake

  • It is advisable to soak brown rice beforehand and then cook it like normal rice with rice to water ratio of 1:1.75 for around 40-45 minutes

Health Benefits of Brown Rice:

Even though brown rice is not much different in calories than white rice, it is definitely a better choice when considering the nutrients it contains.

For a Healthier Heart:

By lowering bad cholesterol levels, brown rice prevents a lot of heart ailments like strokes, heart attacks, blockages in the arteries, etc. It also reduces the risk of hypertension, thus leading to having a healthy heart. The presence of magnesium helps in this.

Anti-Oxidant-Rich Food Source:

Two onigiri rice balls, one sprinkled with sesame seeds and the other plain, wrapped at the base with a strip of seaweed, presented artistically against

Brown rice also contains the same anti-oxidant compound present in the black and red variants - Anthocyanin. This helps fight against the free radicals, thus making your body immune to oxidation and the complications that arise with that. The anti-oxidants also help prevent/fight against certain kinds of cancer.

Healthy for Your Skin:

The very same anti-oxidants present also help with keeping your skin young and healthy. Anti-oxidants are known to prevent the formation of wrinkles and fine lines.

Low Glycemic Index:

Brown rice has a low glycemic index and thus, it helps with maintaining the ideal blood sugar levels for diabetics. It also fills you up for a longer time, hence you will be devoid of frequent hunger. 

It is also rich in Manganese, which synthesizes the fat present in the body. It aids in weight loss and weight management with regular consumption. Manganese also helps raise good cholesterol levels, which helps prevent obesity.

Bone-Abide Friend:

Due to the high amount of calcium and magnesium present in it, it helps protect against bone-related problems such as arthritis, osteoporosis, and other bone disorders.

A Mother's Bestie:

cooked brown rice

Consuming brown rice regularly helps feeding mothers be free from stress, thus helping with their stamina, mood swings, and seamless milk production for their little ones. Brown rice also helps in building immunity during this period, which in turn boosts the immunity of the babies too.

Other Uses:

  • Helps in free bowel movement as the amount of dietary fiber is high in brown rice.

  • Helps fight against insomnia, as it helps in the production of melatonin - the essential chemical needed for falling asleep and for deep sleep.

  • Magnesium present in brown rice also helps fortify bones and teeth. 

  • Brown rice is well known to be an anti-depressant. 

  • Helps fight against hair loss as it has iron content.

We hope you are more aware of the benefits of brown rice. Start adding it to your diet and reap the various benefits. Stay tuned for more superfoods articles.

Happy parenting.

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Embracing The Wholesomeness Of Brown Rice

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Embracing The Wholesomeness Of Brown Rice
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