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How to Choose Healthy Vegetables from the Market


Make healthy fries at home! 5 delicious recipes using lady finger, bitter gourd, banana flower, zucchini, and green beans

Love for the Green Produce

A mother would be happiest when her kid eats almost anything she cooks in her kitchen without any fuss. Making healthy choices of food plays an important role in the diet of a family. One of the age-old battles between parents and kids would be regarding the inclusion of veggies in the family meal.

Health experts suggest vegetables that are grown organically could improve the taste of your food preparation. Green produce which is of better color, aroma, and pesticide-free, enhances the food taste, texture, and flavor. So buying fresh produce from the market needs a bit of time and effort so that we could bring the best foods from the market to our kitchen. 

We are all aware that fruits and vegetables are the best sources of macro, micronutrients, and antioxidants for our children to build their health. Hence they form an essential and indispensable part of one’s diet. So choosing them wisely is important for healthy cooking and eating.

As a parent, we try to present their food in a colorful and appealing way for them to encourage and enjoy the benefits of it. One of the aspects to encourage kids to healthy eating would be in investing in good quality vegetables from your local vendor or market.

These would significantly impact the taste of the preparation and incorporate the benefits in it. The sheer moments of disappointment, when a vegetable turns out useless after getting it from a local grocery, is upsetting for a homemaker. Buying vegetables is an art and excelling in it needs some time and practice. 

Here are a few tips which help us to buy vegetables that are fresh and of good quality.

  1. Go for fresh whole vegetables rather than pre-cut or frozen goods

  2. Look for the color and skin of the vegetables without any spots, patches, or blemishes,

  3. Go for seasonal varieties rather than exotic ones as they are pocket friendly and possess added benefits.

  4. No great happiness if you could produce your home vegetables from your garden.

  5. Organic products are better as they are produced through pesticide-free methods.

  6. When selecting the fruits consider signs like firmness, sweet scent of the fruit, and vibrant colors before buying.  In the case of vegetables, freshness can be gauged if they are firm but not hard to hold, have fewer blemishes on the skin surface, and have inviting colors.    

  7. Do not buy and store for a long time in your refrigerator. Stock up the maximum for a week and use it before they lose their taste and freshness.

From the Market to the Kitchen

Onions and Garlic

A variety of fresh garlic and onions, including white garlic bulbs, red onions, and a yellow onion, artfully arranged on a rustic wooden surface with sprigs of green herbs.

These are such vegetables that can be procured in bulk as they have a better shelf life when they stay away from moisture. Look for dry outer skin when buying onions and garlic. If moist they do not stay for a long time and get spoiled easily.


Potatoes which are firm and have a smooth surface without any bumps, wrinkles, and bruises are good for consumption. Avoid them if they are sprouted or possess green patches. Choose potatoes of even size for better cooking. Store them in a dark and cool place for better shelf life.


Go for bright, red-colored, ripe which are firm and heavy. For longer consumption buy a mix of ripe and semi-ripe tomatoes so that they stay fresh for a long time.


The golden rule for any type of leafy green is fresh, green-colored, and crisp leaves. Avoid leafy bunch which is wilted and soggy as they are not fresh. Too many holes in the leaves indicate worm infestation.


Thick, brightly colored, and long ones are better in taste. Avoid carrots that are small and thin with cuts as they easily shrink when stored longer.

Lady Finger

As the name suggests it should be slender and firm like the finger of a woman. Look for thin and firm ones whose tails can be snipped easily. Avoid buying if there are any holes or damaged spots on the surface.


Choose eggplants that are shiny, round, and have green stems. They should be firm and heavy for their size. Buy small to medium-sized eggplants and there shouldn’t be any discoloration on its skin.


Two fresh green coconuts, one whole with a stem and the other halved to reveal the white interior, accompanied by a palm leaf, against a white background

Select coconuts that are full and heavy with no cracks outside. Shake it to feel the sound of the water inside. It means your coconut has juicy flesh and ample water in it. The three spots on the shell or the coconut eyes should not be dry or moldy in appearance.


Choose flowers that are thick, and tightly packed with no visible infestations. Florets should be white or pale yellow with no spots on them.


Light or pale green colored leaves which are tightly packed are good for consumption. Check for the outer leaves for any spots or damages before buying.


Health is of utmost priority for a family and we need to look into all the aspects of it when it comes to food and nutrition. Buying your regular dose of vegetables is a time-consuming task. Some effort from our side in this daunting task can make our mealtime happy and enjoyable together at our dining table.

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