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Childhood is the happiest phase in our life where we get to have loads of fun, carefree life and plenty of cheerful play dates. To be happy and active healthy body and mind are essential. But the mind and body are not separate, what affects one affects the other. A healthy routine in children is the best way to keep their minds and body fit. Rising up early, having a meal on time, drinking enough water and etc… Moving the bowels is one such important body function.

But nowadays many kids suffer from constipation quite often.  The symptoms of Constipation are 

  • Less than three bowel movements a week.

  • Hard, dry, and difficult to pass stool.

  • Straining and experiencing pain while having a bowel movement.

  • Stomach pain.

  • Crying while passing stool

  • Blood on the surface of hard stool

In our busy lifestyle, we often forget to notice the children’s symptoms or they hide them out of fear. The irregular bowel movements in children cause a lot of behavioral changes in them like getting irritated, aggressive, and lethargic.

When kids are constipated not only does it cause them discomfort but also hinders their food intake and activeness. 

These remedies and tips would help you out in relieving constipation in your kids.

Life Style Changes

A green bucket filled with fresh rosemary sprigs, two jars of honey covered with cloth and tied with a tag labeled “Honey,” and additional rosemary sprigs are displayed on a textured surface. The image exudes an organic and natural vibe, possibly indicating freshly harvested or artisanal products

These lifestyle changes can be practiced to avoid and relieve constipation in kids.

  • In this fleeting world, we fail to give importance to a balanced and nutritious diet. Having a meal rich in fiber content is essential for children to have regular and soft bowel movements.

  • A good Amount of Sleep is another essential. Too much usage of electronic gadgets will affect their sleep pattern. A fixed 8 hours sleep schedule must be followed. Screens should be avoided at least an hour before sleep.

  • Waking up early and having 30 minutes of physical activity is needed to ease bowel movements.

  • Using Indian Style toilets is the best one. The squat position helps in easy defecating and empties the bowel completely compared to the western sitting style position. Potty training kids in a squat position is advisable. 

  • If kids are above 3 years engage them in physical activity like cycling, swimming, and yoga.

Mindful Meal

A green smoothie in a clear glass surrounded by fresh ingredients: spinach, an apple, kiwi halves, bananas, and a lemon on a white surface

It is rightfully said that food is medicine. A careful diet plan will help a lot with easy bowel movements. 

  • Water is the best laxative. Ensure they drink plenty of water. 

  • Fiber-rich foods aid in soft stools. Fruits like Pears, Kiwifruit, Citrus fruits, banana, Figs and etc… are rich in fiber. Millets are another healthy fiber source loaded with a lot of nutrients. Make a practice of drinking millet's health mix daily.

  • Avoid giving caffeine drinks as it may cause dehydration.

  • Avoid giving biscuits or packed foods that are loaded with Maida. A good quantity of fruits should be given as snacks daily.

  • Polished rice can be replaced with brown rice which is again a fiber Source

  • Avoid giving foods that are hard to digest like meat and dairy products when constipated.

  • The lunch box should be loaded with a lot of veggies and spinach.

  • “An apple a day keeps the Doctor away”. Eating an apple at night before sleep keeps constipation also away.

Home Remedies

The below home remedies will come in handy to instantly relieve constipation.

  • Jeera water is a good laxative. 1 glass of Jeera water will help to relieve constipation. Since cumin seeds are very rich in fiber. Jeera water can be made by boiling roasted cumin seed powder in water. Honey can be added to taste

  • Dry Grapes or Raisins soaked overnight in water are known to give the best results.

  • A smooth hot water massage of the belly helps too.

  • Drinking 1 or 2 glasses of warm water early on an empty stomach eases bowel movement.


Loosen up with Yoga

Regularly following a healthy lifestyle makes the kid-free from constipation. Below are certain yoga asanas and exercises which help in easy digestion and help in avoiding constipation. 

  • Vajrasana is an easy and best asana which can be done even after eating. It is a pose that is followed in Islam and Buddhism. Sitting in vajrasana position leads to increased flexibility of the muscles. This posture helps in faster digestion and absorption of food. Kids can be made to sit in vajrasana position while studying and eating instead of sukhasana (which we normally practice sitting on the floor). 

  • Pawanmuktasana is also called a wind-relieving pose. Gas trapped in the intestines can also cause constipation. This posture helps to relieve gas from the intestines which eases constipation.

  • Ardha Matsyendrasana is a posture that helps in massaging all the digestive organs like the stomach, liver, pancreas, and spleen and excretion organs like the intestines and kidneys. It increases organ performance improvising digestion and easy excretion.

  • Halasana and Balasana or child’s pose are great yoga poses that stimulate and massage the abdominal organs easing bowel movements. It benefits the children for a lifetime.

Following the best practices of our tradition makes our body healthy giving the kids a happy and active childhood.

In short, staying healthy is simple with a healthy routine and nutritious diet. Inculcating it from childhood becomes their personality.  We must always remember,

“A healthy outside starts from the inside”

Tips and Remedies for Your Constipated Kid


Tips and Remedies for Your Constipated Kid


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